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Sunday, February 18, 2007

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

How cool is it to have this in my hands?

Slightly less cool, however, is the £1400 each Alex and I are gonna have to slap down later this month to pay for the damn thing. That's literally twice the price of my last trip back. Goddamn summer...

So in order to supplement this I'm currently up to my eyeballs in library book processing. See, we supply books to libraries, and those books need jackets and date labels and so on. And normally we get some kid or other in to do it, but I've gotta pay them bills, so I stepped up. My evenings at the moment, then, consist of finishing work, heading down the road to get a big coffee, and then heading back to work to:
Stick in security label
Stick barcode over security label
Stamp info grid onto sticker
Stick sticker into book
Copy barcode number into info grid
Stick in date label (actually, we're out of date labels at the moment..)
Apply classification sticker to spine
Apply sticky-back hard jacket, and trim to size
Repeat x 1000.

Rock'n'roll! Still, I'm pretty quick at it, so for me it becomes a reasonably high paying job. I get through 25-30 books/hour, which nets me an hourly rate of around £20.

Edge of your seat now, huh? Trust me, as unexciting as it is for you, it's a lot worse for me. The only bonus is that it's giving me the time to listen to a lot of Radio 6 shows, including Bruce Dickinson's rock show. Which oddly had Shihad's "Screwtop" on last week (for the Jazz Colman connection).

That's my life. Your mileage may vary.


  1. Dude!

    We're going to be in Wellington at the same time! We're spending a fortnight there with an anniversary weekend in the middle.

    Plus, you and Alex will also be in Sydney while we're still here! By then Kevin and I will have our own place (hopefully even by this time next month) so place to crash is on offer.

  2. wooser5:26 am

    You are "World Traveller"

  3. wooser5:31 am

    ...and by the way, on one of those questionnaires that people send round on email entitled "what you never knew about me" where I had to put the 4 or 5 jobs that people never knew that I did, mine were as follows:
    1. data entered and then printed numbers onto the bottom of deposit slips
    2. sales assistant at a clothing booth in a flea market
    3. took drugs for money
    4. plagiarized books about hair loss for budding author writing books about hair loss

    So join me, Andrew, in the "I've had a scintillating job" club.