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Monday, October 27, 2008

You Terrify Me, America

I mean, I love a twelve-gauge shotgun as much as the next guy, but...

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War! Never Been So Much Fun.

Okay, who remembers the greatest strategy/satire computer game ever?

Also, after an iteration of the verse from the opening tune, skip ahead to get the funky recruitment hill music.

God I loved the Amiga.

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Things I Did Yesterday 27/10/08

My clamouring public demands me! Yesterday I:

- Didn't write. Bad Andrew. Read fantasy tat in the park instead, huddled out of the miserable weather.

- Did, however, continue my Bill Bryson audiobook odyssey, with Notes From A Small Island, which I'm very glad I never read before living in the UK for a while.

- Worked. Biggest job was putting together an invoice for Hounslow libraries, but other than that I was mainly covering (and tidying behind) the till.

- Claudia and Morgan swung by at the end of the day, so they, I, Will and Nat swung down to the Princess Louise for a quick drink. Nice to see them, particularly given that there's limited time left to see them in before their American relocation.

- Came home to the smell of roasting chicken. Mmmm...

- Also came home to discover that Alex had salvaged some goodies from her friends that she helped move through the day, including a bicycle and an original Xbox. It's just the kind of time waster I've been looking for.

- Played some Mario Kart while Alex watched. That's the kind of crazy shit we do at night.

- We started watching Stephen Fry's America, which was, of course, quite entertaining, if a little brief in its coverage.

- Went to bed and tried to read. Went to sleep. Fitfully.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 21/10/08

Rudy Ray Moore has died! RIP muthafucka! Anyway, yesterday I:

- Got up nice and early with a mind toward achieving stuff. Achieved little.

- Got out and about to get some breakfast and find a teapot. Ran into Ossie down near Angel and had a little chat, then had no luck whatsoever finding a teapot I liked.

- Came home and flipped from one thing to the other all day. Watched Powell and Pressburger's A Canterbury Tale, which was thoroughly enjoyable if lacking some of the visual panache of their later stuff. I also watched Plague of the Zombies from the Hammer box set, which was great.

- Got back into playing Half-Life Two Episode One for a little while. It was nice to give it some time actually.

- Like a restless spirit I then went on to playing some Mario Galaxy, which is great. There's something quite remarkable about the Mario games when they're on form. The density of imagination in them is a thing to behold. Just played through one galaxy, as I'm trying to spin it out.

- Spent a bit of time on the Wii Fit, doing some yoga stretches, a bunch of balance exercises and a few aerobic exercises.

- Read some comics, including Legion of 3 Worlds, which is rather baffling to me as a non-Legion guy, but is substantial enough to feel like a satisfying read. Well, it's mainly just a big fight scene, but a very dense, enjoyable one.

- Caught up on movie trailers. I love the fact that The Transporter 3 (who knew we needed it?) is directed by a man named Olivier Megaton.

- Used chopped Moroccan lamb burgers mixed with garlic roasted portobello mushrooms as the basis for kebabs for dinner. Very happy with the results.

- Watched the latest episodes of the Sarah Silverman Show.

- Played a little Age of Empires on the DS, which has an addictive "Just one more turn" sort of quality. My battery died at about 2.30am.

- Promised myself that today I would spend some time reading a book.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Apple Hate-On #234

So I'm cleaning up my system a bit, when I come across this:

MobileMe is, I discover upon further investigation, a piece of software installed with iTunes without any consultation on my part whatsoever, nor any kind of notification that it had been done. What is this, Real Media? This on top of the Outlook add-on they decided I needed (which stopped my Outlook shutting down properly) is the last straw. The last straw!
Now I appreciate you Mac people live in a happy wonderland where your benevolent dictator makes everything work without having to worry about it. And yes, I concede the attractiveness of the hardware. But I tell you what, they don't play well with others.

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Friday, October 03, 2008

Give Us A Spin!


Normal service soon, but meanwhile, make sure you check out cockney geezer Nathaniel Metcalfe's upcoming comedy and variety night, Tombola of Fun! It's gonna be ace!

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