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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 21/10/08

Rudy Ray Moore has died! RIP muthafucka! Anyway, yesterday I:

- Got up nice and early with a mind toward achieving stuff. Achieved little.

- Got out and about to get some breakfast and find a teapot. Ran into Ossie down near Angel and had a little chat, then had no luck whatsoever finding a teapot I liked.

- Came home and flipped from one thing to the other all day. Watched Powell and Pressburger's A Canterbury Tale, which was thoroughly enjoyable if lacking some of the visual panache of their later stuff. I also watched Plague of the Zombies from the Hammer box set, which was great.

- Got back into playing Half-Life Two Episode One for a little while. It was nice to give it some time actually.

- Like a restless spirit I then went on to playing some Mario Galaxy, which is great. There's something quite remarkable about the Mario games when they're on form. The density of imagination in them is a thing to behold. Just played through one galaxy, as I'm trying to spin it out.

- Spent a bit of time on the Wii Fit, doing some yoga stretches, a bunch of balance exercises and a few aerobic exercises.

- Read some comics, including Legion of 3 Worlds, which is rather baffling to me as a non-Legion guy, but is substantial enough to feel like a satisfying read. Well, it's mainly just a big fight scene, but a very dense, enjoyable one.

- Caught up on movie trailers. I love the fact that The Transporter 3 (who knew we needed it?) is directed by a man named Olivier Megaton.

- Used chopped Moroccan lamb burgers mixed with garlic roasted portobello mushrooms as the basis for kebabs for dinner. Very happy with the results.

- Watched the latest episodes of the Sarah Silverman Show.

- Played a little Age of Empires on the DS, which has an addictive "Just one more turn" sort of quality. My battery died at about 2.30am.

- Promised myself that today I would spend some time reading a book.

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  1. wooser2:08 pm

    bad blogger...bad bad blogger..
    Waiting in anticipation for updates Mr. Grizzly Bum!