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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mr Boobytrap Rides Again

Last week I went to the launch night of the mighty Jon Chandler's exhibition down Brick Lane way (which also handily doubled as his leaving do and his dad's birthday). I got in early as Jon and Leon were doing the last of the setup and left just as the crowds really started to build (and as my body temperature began to hit nova-like levels - it was fucking hot in there!)

"And this is where I keep my bone saw..."

It's well worth a look, featuring art from a number of notaries, including the terrifyingly talented triumvirate of Lord Hurk, Tony Hype and the legendary but lackluster-ly linkless Linky Bodges (whose lovely lady's birthday we had the pleasure of celebrating last weekend)!

London folk should go and see it while they can! It's been extended for a little longer and is on at Bodhi, the cafe and gallery (with downstairs Japanese language manga library) at 214 Brick Lane. Go! Now! Before Jon suits up and rides his lawmaster to the shores of the exotic East!

"Sayonara suckers!"

1 comment:

  1. thanks Andrew, for coming down and being a general all round good guy during my London years.
    sorry about the holes in the walls etc. The gallery people did in the end decide to slap a little paint on there for us AFTER we had set up! about ten minutes before people were due to arrive!!!
    Yep, it was a hot show. thanks everyone!!!