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Friday, November 30, 2007

Lessons Learned Today

1) Buying a new office chair from a shady place up Holloway Road and then wheeling it back home down aforementioned road and around Highbury Corner at the peak of school lunchtime is not advisable for those who wish to have a hassle-free day off.

Scenic Holloway Road

2) There is an adult store on Holloway Road called Zeitgeist. What the fuck?

Today has been very domestic. I bunked off the gym, did laundry, fetched chair, got rid of rubbish, did dishes, took recycling to various banks (annoyingly, the group of recycling skips next to our block has no bin for plastics. Why?) and just did some general cleaning. My sister and niece arrive at the end of the week to take in some London Christmas magic. Christ only knows what they're expecting, but I guess that's the point. Ba-bum!

I never blogged about my birthday! I made out like a bandit. Got travel guides for Australia & Bangkok plus a very handy travel journal from Dana & James, a beautiful frame job on my page of From Hell art from Alex, a nummy chocolate cake from Claudia & Morgan and a whole stack of stuff from the good folks at work: Dracula special edition DVD, Commando special edition DVD, Torture Garden DVD (the old Amicus film, not the fetish club night), Casting the Runes DVD, Tintin DVD Box Set, MR James Ghost Stories audio book as read by Derek Jacobi, Milk & Cheese vinyl figures, Galactus figurine (so cool!) and special guest signings in my card!

Can you see it yet?

Well done, lads! All in all a great birthday. Many thanks to all involved!

Holloway Rd photo courtesy of google image search and this guy.


  1. I'm going to steal that card and twink out all the mentions of "Andrew" and replace them with "Morgan".

  2. Sorry we missed your birthday, fellow! appy belated birfdee to ya!
    Mr & Mrs Hercules

  3. Anonymous9:48 am

    Maybe a little belated...but never mind....