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Monday, June 08, 2009

Things I Did Yesterday 08/06/09

Oh hey, I have a blog. Well, you know what? Yesterday I:

- Got up good'n'early to get a workout on the new EA Active fitness thing we got for the Wii. So far so good on it: I've hit my loss target for the week. It works a lot better than the Wii Fit, simply because it actually presents you with a program rather than letting you choose whatever you want to do (ie the easy stuff). Exactly what a spineless cop-out monkey like me needs.

- Did some dishes. My life is the kind of crazy shit you can only dream of!

- Scream for me Melbourne! Listening to the Flight 666 soundtrack. God I wish I'd gone to see them on this tour.

- Went out to Wickford in sunny Essex to have lunch at the merry Wagers. Tony is an old boss of Alex's and they have an expansive, lovely home out there. Always a nice time, as they really are fantastic hosts. Lovely roast lunch to boot. And I trampolined.

- Got the train back into London, then a bus back from Liverpool Street.

- Watched a little bit of Big Brother which seems even more like torture than usual.

- Hit the sack, where I appear to have cultivated some kind of strep throat. Great.


  1. they can`t surely still be making Big Brother?

  2. Scream for me Auckland, although galling in principle, was superb.

  3. That's one thing I've never figured out here in is "Strep Throat" anyway? We never had that in NZ did we? How is it that you travel all the way to Londontown and now *you* get this "Strep Throat" thing? Trying to put on airs are you?

  4. You don't have a blog anymore.

  5. nope, you really don't.