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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Comics I'm Missing This Week

More for my reference than yours, but from this week's stuff I'm gonna have to catch up on:

Boys #39
Conan the Cimmerian #18
Criminal Sinners #4
Demo Vol 2 #1
Echo #19
Ghost Riders Heaven's on Fire #6
Invincible Iron Man #23
Realm of Kings Son of Hulk #1
Scalped #34 (though I may pop into a shop here and pick this up. Some things I can't wait for)
Siege #2
Sweet Tooth #6
Ultimate Comics #1
Wolverine Weapon X #10
Berserk Vol 33!

So, that's it for this week! Not necessarily all the things I would normally check out, but there's not much point trying to catch up on the things I would normally just flick through. A few things in this week's delivery that have been on the verge of me giving up on have had their marching orders this week, and I imagine there will be more of that over the next few weeks. Nothing like having something unavailable to you to make you realise how little you miss it when it's gone. If you think I've made some glaring omission, do let me know!


  1. Jonah Hex is good.
    The Question Blackest Night thing is written by Denny O'Neill (very well too) and it's interesting to see Sienkiewicz's inks completely overpower the artist, Cowan. Must be a bitch to have that bloke ink your pencils, he takes over!

  2. Seeing O'Neill, Cowan and Sienkiewicz do that issue has made me want to read their old Question stuff. Don't think I paid it much attention when I was a kid. They put out a Question trade recently didn't they? Got to pick that up.

  3. Dunno if they're still there, but we had those Question trades in the sale. I'll almost certainly give the BN Question issue a flick through when I get back. God, I'm gonna have to pull together a pile of stuff! Still, it's actually these kinds of holidays that make me realise how little a single issue of most titles really means. Not all obviously: I'd kick myself to miss Scalped or Walking Dead, but I can happily skip an issue of Uncanny X-Men without missing a beat.