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Friday, July 18, 2008

Tales From the Junk Folder

Whoops, sorry about the lack of posting. What can I say, it just got out of hand. Like a social smoker, I just slipped down the slope of bad habit hill. Actually, to be more accurate I've tumbled down the side of good habit hill, undoing all my hard work. Oh well, expect regular service again soon.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the current fake headline junkmail trend. Below are a few of my favourites from the last few days:

 Okay, speak soon!


  1. Barry7:16 pm

    Phew, thought we'd lost ya for a moment.

    On the fake headlines, the one about Ledger may be true, His co-stars all suggested that he desererved one.

    Just saw In Bruges, what a quaint, psychotic flick that was.

  2. Please God, not George Clinton!

  3. Hello!

    Just got you stuck into my google reader and now have no excuse not to keep up with your posting.

    Looking forward to hearing (and seeing) all the pix from the BIG DAY! Also, what was the story with NZ Biosecurity? Colour me curious.

    London Biography audiobook - Through ITunes?

    X S