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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 06/12/08

Home alone! I do hope someone tries to break in (again)! Yesterday I:

- Crawled out of bed at about 8.30am. Got myself ready then wandered down to Angel to do some writing.

- Wandered through Borders and Waterstones, obsessed with the idea that I needed a new fantasy novel to read. Found a few things I liked the look of, but didn't actually buy anything.

- Walked home, buying Alex some flowers on the way!

- Spent some time reading reviews of the novels I'd liked the look of. Productive.

- Wandered up to get the laundry Alex had dropped off. Came home and did the dishes. Jesus...are you still actually reading this?

- Worked through the NaNoWriMo site, emailed those that are keen to take part (except you, 2treesandahorse, because although I feel I should know who you are, I can't for the life of me remember. Sorry!) and then cleared the rest of my Inbox.

- Went through various guides on stripping down Windows XP using nLite and creating USB stick installs. Did both.

- Went to bed. Hells bells! Was that really it?

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  1. Your instincts are good but you may not know the alias he uses: 2trees is my very good buddy whose wedding I recently attended occasioning a visit to London and lunch with you, and whose name I will leave off the intarwebs. But I can email. He is, as you will know now you have recalled who he is, good people.