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Monday, May 28, 2007

Gore Watch! 26/05/07

Like a fist to the jugular: Gore Watch!

What can I say? I got nothing.

No kidding. I knew it was a pretty quiet week, but I wasn't expecting this. Honest to god, there was nothing.

No beheadings, no face-tearings, only one, subtle broken arm, and not an exploding body in sight. Oh sure, Daredevil had someone's throat being ripped out, but even that was understated.

What does this mean then for the future of Gore Watch? Fear not, fellow watchdogs, for I will stand ever vigilant at the walls of decency, ready to mobilise at the slightest bloody splash.

But it would seem, at least for now, that my work is done. Sleep well, my children, secure in knowledge that I, Andrew Salmond, am here for you. Perhaps outside your window as you read these very words...

Ka kite!


  1. I'm sure that Storybook International had a different voice over singer on the opening credits over here. The comments on YouTube seem to bare this theory out. I also think it said here that "in England I am John" not America. Could be wrong but I don't think so...

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