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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Important Life Lessons From Avril Lavigne

Bully your way to the top. And by "top", I mean fucking some spineless idiot in the toilets.

Girl Power!

Also, this video - by way of quick edits and medium shots - showcases the need to hide Avril's inability to dance. Take THAT ya big bully!


  1. The Titanic has also sinked!!!!

    He still gets to choose. If he really like the other one he could have stayed with her. If he had any backbone. Should she just wait for the guy she likes to ask her out? That wouldn't be very girl-power now would it?

  2. She's just bullying another of version of herself after all, so that's okay. No?

  3. beezer: True, he can choose. But he does just seem to wander through the video with sheep-like grace.

    Oh well, any guy who gets with a girl who went after him by physically and emotionally bullying his girlfriend gets all he deserves...

    fatty: True. Perhaps I'm missing an important subtext.