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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hey! Fever!

Dear God and baby Jesus....

As Spring rears it's pretty head, something is happening in my nose.

The ubiquitous plane trees of London are dropping their villainous load by barrowfull, reducing me to a snivelling mess.

I feel as though my nose has been attacked by a vicious coalition of crocodiles and spiders.

As they scratch and burrow their way toward my brain, their rough, textured exteriors scraping my mangled nasal flesh in their wake, I become a engine of mucous production and explosive sneezing.


Anyway, been a little quiet lately. Even Gore Watch has fallen behind. I'm hoping to get up to speed over the week.

In other news:

Off to Spider-Man on Friday. In fact, I'm thinking I haven't done a whole day at the flicks in some time and may well rectify that.

(Incidentally, if you are doing a Google image search using the word "movies", don't do it with kids around. Really.)

I'm off today trying to get as much done on a VHS-DVD project that I promised to do for a friend of mine. About a year ago.

I'm also trying to get my notes and such together for a project that young master Tonyhype and I are looking at doing together. If you're reading this Anthony, I haven't forgotten you.

Having lost a card game to Alex a couple of weeks ago, I also need to get the windows cleaned. The games are friendly, but the stakes are high. I'm thinking of applying this method of job allocation to my management style.

Going to Bristol in a couple of weeks for the convention there. Not all that fussed about going, but it's for work. Should be fine. Just another day at the office.

That is all.


  1. I reckon you'll have a good time at Bristol.
    Also, I'd just like to say that although sneezing is disgusting, I really enjoy it.
    I don't normally suffer from anything (as I am a bionically engineered perfect specimen that went rogue and ended up....working in a comic shop) but even I have been affected by the trees this year. It looked like Legend out there the other day.

  2. When I left good ol' Blighty, I thought I'd left hayfever behind.

    No such luck.

    Autumn in Oz turns out is pretty bad too. Trees here decide to do their thing twice a year - TWICE!

    I'm on two claratynes a day at the mo, just to get by.

    Looking forward to your Spidey review.

  3. You lose a card game, so have to get the windows cleaned? GET them cleaned? Not clean them, but get someone else to clean them?

    So all you have to do is look up window cleaning in the phone book, and arrange for someone to come to your house.

    I can't believe you are complaining about that.

    You lazy bastard. (hehe - says the girl who pays a man to come and weed the garden....)

    Sorry to hear about your runny nose though.

  4. Oh, it's just that I HATE interacting with the help, dahling!

    No, no...I have to do them myself. And in our place it's more difficult than it might seem...