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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Gore Watch! 21/04/07

Whither comes Gore Watch?


Y'know, I almost gave Moon Knight an off this week. After all, it's not like the title is trying to appeal to the younger audience.

But then I thought: If you want to have people ripping other people's teeth out, make it a Max title why don't ya?

ROBIN #161

This week in Robin: Tim uncovers an insidious plot by Gotham cannibals to preserve junkies.


Now strap in kids, it's WORLD WAR 3! Remember how a few weeks ago Black Adam went crazy, FWATting his way across the world as revenge for the havoc wrecked upon his people and his family? (Wait: revenge at a strike against his homeland? A revenge which costs the lives of many innocents along the path to his intended targets? Hmmm...)

Anyway, after a brief stay at Oolong Island, he's back on the warpath! A four-issue-in-one-week exercise in exploiting the power of compulsion over taste! Weirdly, 2 & 4 are pretty much clean. But #1 kicks us off in fine style...


I'll ease you in with a little Nightwing (or IS he?) action:

Some people would say it was okay for kids to see this, as there is no blood.I say HE BROKE HIS LEG! Yeesh, have you ever had someone break YOUR leg?

Anyway, less talk, more SKLATCH!

Skunch me, that looks painful.

AHAHAHA! Nice one Black Adam! At least he kept his sense of humour.


And then...


Watch out Young Frankenstein, here he comes!

Ouch! (Though interesting to note that the sound of someone getting their arms ripped off is almost identical to someone having their face ripped off. Who knew?)

Yeah, for "enigma", read "someone nobody really gives a damn about". Poor fella. Looks like he's snoring.

By the by, I was quietly sitting here in Gore Watch central, browsing the internet whilst contemplating my Tipitaka, when I came across this!

Not only has he had the same idea as me, but he's managed to fit in unsuitable sexual references to boot! Personally that kind of thing was formative in my youthful development, but I see where he's coming from...

Anyway! More power to him! Together we will smash the insidious corruptions of Big Comics!

Onward, my moral army!


  1. Anonymous7:32 pm

    What IS up with Black Adam?? I remember when he was considered a baddie for turning the Statue of Liberty upside down, or pretending to be Captain Marvel and giving a bad interview. Nowadays he's 'Fwating' people left right & centre, and acts like he's justified in doing it.
    Why can't we all just get along!?!?

    Keep up the gore watch, griz!

  2. I loves gore watch and I don't even like gore.