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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 08/11/08

Is there a blogging equivalent to ex-lax? Yesterday I:

- Spent the morning catching up on the internet. It was, thankfully, still there. I often fantasize about living out in the middle of nowhere. A simple life where my days would be filled with making treehouses for the kids and maybe mending that fence that borders on the Johnson farm. But could I get decent broadband? It's amazing how accustomed I've become to high-speed internet, to the point now where even an 8mb connection is irritating. I have to wait for a quicktime trailer to preload? Ridiculous! Still, I imagine it would just be a case of going cold turkey. How much of it all do I really need to read, after all?

- Popped down to Angel for some breakfast and a wander around the shops. Started reading a new writing book. Did not, however, actually write.

- Came home and did some tidying and then took to what became my main task for the day: getting rid of the sofa. At this point I should address my landlord, who may well be reading. The old sofa has reached the end of its life I'm afraid, Bill! Covers are torn, the inner springs are shot and it's all just a bit grotty now. Luckily last week we picked up a used sofa for free and while not being the most glamorous piece of new furniture, it's in good shape, is comfortable, and actually gives us a bit more flexibility in terms of lounge layout. We'll leave it when we move out.

- So anyway, the sofa. The sofa we have had is huge. It's about 7.5 feet long and about 3 feet wide. There's no way I was going to be able to get it out the door without moving half the furniture in the house, and even then I had no way of disposing of it. So I took it apart, which took about 3 hours start to finish (allowing for dust-settling breaks). All the covering and foam needed to be cut off, then the springs all had to be removed before I could get to unscrewing/unbolting the frame. But I got there in the end and once everything had been cleaned up and the new sofa had been put in place it was all looking spiffy!

- Watched Brit horror flick Donkey Punch, which was an effective little thriller of spiralling circumstances. Not one to watch with grandma, but good if you like this kind of thing. Speaking of horror flicks, by the way, do yourself a favour and check out the Spanish film [REC]. I just got the DVD, which I'm looking forward to getting stuck into. It's a quick (75 min), claustrophobic zombie movie that's a nice shot of andrenalised horror. There's a US remake on its way, which may or may not be pants, but I can give the original a big thumbs-up.

- Watched a World at War episode which covered the Holocaust, which put me in a suitably miserable mood before bed.


  1. sofa story,
    I once helped my dad axe an old settee at the bottom of the garden, I was amazed to find my long lost remarkable little rubber sumo my sister had found on a bus many years previosly. I was quite in love with it and overwhelmed to get my hands on it again.

    I lost it a week later.

    zombie films,
    I watched that romero hand-held one the other day. It`s awful. I love the terrible voiceover telling us that she added scary music because she wanted it to be scary. No no no,
    if you decide to make a hand-held movie make it look fucking real, `real acting` etc.
    not like Dawson`s Creek with a slightly wobbly camera. It`s nearly as bad as Troll 2 as bad movies go. I honestly couldn`t watch it all the way.
    Seeing a zombie film as we would see it through our eyes is the new dimension and that of course could work. So I`m interested in this Rec job.
    I`m on Herzog again at the moment. I quite fabcy seeing him make a zombie movie.

  2. nothing like a cup of cocoa and the holocaust to get you off to sleep

  3. I agree with you on Diary of the Dead. What a pile of shit. I wasn't a fan of Land of the Dead, but Diary had a lot of positive buzz around it when it was doing the festival circuit. I just couldn't believe how amateurish and poorly put together it was. Oh well, we'll always have the classics. And Paris.

  4. watched Rec, did the job properly, very properly, thanks for the recommendation.