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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 09/11/08

Hot damn! Two days in a row! Time to reward myself with a day off. Anyway, yesterday I:

- Got up early intending to capitalise on the fact that Alex had got to bed late. What a world of early morning possibility!

- Sat on the internet. Like a gigantic sea-sponge immersed in a sewer. Suddenly it wasn't early morning any more.

- Had poached eggs and bacon for breakfast and then we planned out the mammoth task that was Rearranging Our Lounge.

- Rearranged our lounge. Phew!

- Nipped out to Leyland to pick up some tester pots of paint. We're gonna give the lounge a fresh lick. Of paint. Came back via a diversion to the Scolt's Head for a cheeky pint.

- Tested a couple of paints, one of which was unsuitable, but the other of which seemed quite good. Pretty much what we have now, really: a kind of off-white. What do you call that? Eggshell? Beetle Breath? What am I, a decorator?

- Saw the start of the NZ/Scotland game and then walked down to the Orwell to have a quick drink with Alex before she went off to a house-warming (which - as was sort of expected - she is yet to return from around 24 hours later).

- Settled in front of the telly and watched the extras on the [REC] DVD, then the latest Futurama DVD, which was a little underwhelming, to be honest. Meant to watch Swedish vampire flick Let the Right One In, but wound up watching a show about recently deceased comedy producer Geoffrey Perkins.

- Watched a World at War episode which covered Germany to the end of the war. There's a particular relish in Olivier's voice while narrating the destruction of Germany's cities as revenge for the destruction the Germans had wrought. Thankfully, however, the last few episodes' frequent footage of bulldozed piles of bodies has not inured me to the sight.

- Slept, and dreamt of bunnies.

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