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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 27/11/08

Gotta get Liz's brother Ian back from them Family raiders, if the radscorpions ain't got him already. Oh, yesterday I:

- Got into town and wrote a little bit about my plans for January. More on that soon.

- Worked, dealing with the new delivery. I also double-checked the order for the month, observing the new watchword of "caution".

- Was interviewed by a student at lunchtime about the industry and why shops locate themselves where they do (for the same reasons any business does). He was supposed to shout me a coffee in return for 10 minutes of my time. I wound up buying his coffee and talking my entire lunch. Mind you, the latter probably wasn't his fault.

- Got home and read some comics. Batman continued it's shit-festery with the end of the RIP storyline. Honestly, the whole thing has been pretty dire, mainly let down by Daniel's confused storytelling. As for the ending? Limp. Walking Dead and Night Witches were the best of the week so far. I've yet to read the Brubaker double of Cap and DD, nor the latest instalments of Northlanders, Incredible Hercules and Umbrella Academy.

- Played some Fallout, which so far I've been very good about keeping to small bursts of an hour or so.

- Watched the last episode of Stephen Fry in America, which we've enjoyed. It's not exactly in-depth, but it makes for great pre-bedtime viewing.

- Had a very broken night's sleep. Just what I need!

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