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Monday, March 23, 2009

Things I Did Yesterday 23/03/09

A stuttering start. Yesterday I:

- Finished reading LOEG Century: 1910. It's a good read, but as much as it has been billed as a stand-alone, it very much feels like a first chapter. Which is fine, given that it will serve as part of a greater story. Not that there aren't aspects which are sewed up within the issue, and the dominant Threepenny Opera musical moments will I suppose be specific to this issue alone. I wonder if the following chapters will continue with the musical numbers. Anyway, unsurprisingly, I recommend it highly. Due out late April and I guess I would be remiss to plug the fact that Gosh will be having a signing with Moore and O'Neill when it comes out.

- Finished reading Total Film, which I had picked up on mine and Alex's daytrip on Saturday (did a 17km country walk out in Sussex - very nice!) As much as Total Film is a puff-piece mag, I do enjoy having a flick through to see what's coming out in the month and even the upcoming film features are somehow more enjoyable to read than they are online. I'm going to try and get to the movies a bit more, perhaps setting Monday evenings aside for it. Just been missing too much good stuff.

- Worked! Always strange, that first day back at work after a period of time off. Still, it was nice to start back on a Sunday and ease myself back into things. Lots going on (surprise surprise), with some library stuff to deal with. Fairly short staffed too, so spent the morning on the till. Exciting stuff!

- Met up with Doug and Tom for a couple of drinks and a catch up, which was very pleasant. Something else I intend to do a bit more of, especially now summer is here.

- Watched the final episode of Battlestar Galactica which, despite not explicitly answering a number of questions, was a fully satisfying conclusion. I particularly liked the way in which they took their time to wrap things up, bringing the focus firmly back to the characters over the plot. Good work.

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