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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Things I Did Yesterday 26/03/09

Slowly but surely my desk is becoming visible again. Yesterday I:

- Walked in to work, with a coffee and writing stop on the way. Just journal stuff, but mainly thoughts on a project I'm doing for Master Tom Crowley.

- Did some emergency library guff before the delivery showed its face.

- Unpacked comics. Counted comics. Pulled comics for standing orders. Bagged comics. Put comics into A-Z longbox runs for the purposes of filing. Started filing comics. Finished work.

- Had a quick coffee with Tony, Matt, Will & Nat, before Will and I walked back up to Islington.

- Didn't wind up reading any comics, mainly due to an extended period of procrastination wondering whether I would read or watch a film. Ran out of time for both. Watched an episode of Harry Hill, then went to bed.

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