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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Things I Did Yesterday 24/03/09

Well, Lisa, yesterday I:

- Got up nice and early, considering it was my day off. Spent ages faffing about on the internet and fretted that I was wasting my day, then realised that it was only 10.30. Sweet!

- Picked up some laundry.

- Headed out to West India Quay with a mind to having a movie day. Was going to catch Gran Torino, Duplicity and Young Victoria.

- Saw Gran Torino and enjoyed it a great deal. Oh racism, you crack me up. It's an entertaining, satisfying film for the most part. A bit like a comfy sweater, really: just the thing for a cold, miserable day. Eastwood is gruffly loveable as the local racist with a heart of gold, who befriends the Hmong family living next door and becomes a role model for their teen son who is struggling to find his place. There's a bit of Dirty Harry lite as Clint stands up to local gangs and mouths off to authority figures, but it all ends with a nice twist. Great little film, really. Good enough that I decided to let it sit with me for a while rather than carry on to watch the others.

- Made the mistake of getting a bus from Canary Wharf to Essex Road via Hackney just as schools were letting out. Well, it was entertaining, if nothing else. In a shouty, sweary, tinny-music playing sort of way.

- Had a bath. Read some comics. Had some dinner. Watched the first episode of Legend of the Seeker (which was a bit naff). Flaked out at about 9, which is what is happening to me at the moment. I'm obviously not quite readjusted yet. Also, I think hayfever is starting to rear its ugly spring head. I snored like a trooper all night and woke up feeling chesty and puffy-eyed. Oh no!


  1. Ah....nice day then. I wonder if I should try this daily diary thing. Then people can hear about my exciting adventures in cooking up instant pasta and cleaning the toilet. It'll get me motivated to write again and my chapter is almost done.

  2. I use the 277 bus to and from Canary Wharf most days and am ALWAYS on it at the same time as those fucking feral kids. Their Perfect Fried Chicken, loud voices and gangsta rap mobile music makes me want to kill. I've shouted at them a few times, but my missus tells me I'll get stabbed if I keep doing that. I now take earplugs. Cunts, the lot of them.

    A bitter old man

  3. Are the kids in England these days *really* like Lauren from the Catherine Tate show?

  4. It's not a million miles from the truth...only often a bit more menacing. Mainly thanks to the tabloids having us believe they're all deadly killers. The worst part is just how ineffectual you feel when you do have a go at them, as they couldn't give two shits when they're in a group, and short of whipping out a baseball bat and dispensing some street justice, there ain't much you can do.

    The daily diary thing is, while being self-indulgent in the extreme, just a nice little exercise in sitting at the computer and writing. Also, I like to talk about myself.

  5. But it's not so self-indulgent if it's not really meant for me is it?