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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Things I Did Yesterday 06/09/09

Quickly! Quickly, Andrew! Yesterday you:

- Got up and did the dishes, as you knew you were going to be out last night and working today. You didn't want to risk wifey's wrath, as you'd left them about all you could get away with already.

- Worked, mainly stuck up on the till, though you managed to get a few things done. You sure have a lot of work to get through, Andrew. Better pull finger! Still, there were only three of you yesterday, so it's hardly surprising.

- Met up with a bunch of good folks for the lovely Ellen's birthday. Wandered up to Lamb's Conduit Street for a drink before heading to the Brunswick Centre for dinner at Giraffe (though wifey missed it, as she wasn't feeling too well). You had a chicken blt burger, and it was very nice indeed. A last drink at the Doric Arms in Euston (a curious den of iniquity with an appealing Euston-themed d├ęcor) then you walked out the door, straight into a 476 and all the way home.

- Had a bloody awful night's sleep. You may have snored a bit, my friend. That would explain the ragged throat this morning.

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