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Friday, January 26, 2007

Google Me a River

So after pissing about with YouTube for a while and marvelling at how, in this day and age, we've so readily accepted and adopted such a shit quality of streaming media, I've been paying more attention to Google Video.

Not only do Google provide better quality video, but there's no annoying 10-minute time limit. * Therefore you can get full-length streaming video of all kindsa shit. Shit like this:

Have a little play around with it. Oh, and I recommend the link blog smashing telly!

*I assume Google's ownership of YouTube will lead to some changes in the future. I can't say what, because I haven't done any reading on the subject, but who needs reading anyway?


  1. Even myspace video is better than youtube and myspace can't do shit for shit.

    When I put up all my exciting films I'll be sure to upload them to google.

    The reason why Youtube is masive and google video isn't is that when youtube launched and started to gain momentum Google video was in a closed beta and by the time they opened up they'd lost the initial battle. Also its really easy to upload to youtube and not so easy to upload to google.

  2. I think Google have just simplified their upload process, as it's all looking pretty straightforward now.

  3. yeah. I'm starting to lose faith in the e-ntertainment revolution.

    It all came crashing down for me when I realised that most of he stuff out there was going to be shit, and you have to wade through a sea of poorly thought out garbagesasquatch to find the good stuff. Just like telly.

    I don't know if I can look at another video of some guy in a fake moustache dancing around...

  4. I don't know how I managed to write garbagesasquatch.

    I must have sneezed