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Monday, January 08, 2007

Wire THIS!

So I've started watching the first season of HBO's The Wire. It's a crime drama set in Baltimore with a sprawling cast that covers both sides of the law.

SEE! The private lives of the hard assed cops who work narcotics and homicide!
GASP! At the dog-eat-dog world of dealing drugs in the projects!
TITTER! At the scenes set in the seedy strip bar!

Actually, it may sound like I'm taking the piss, but I'm one episode in and really enjoying it so far. The quality of the writing is pretty sterling, with many of the characters already developing quite distinctive voices, and the structure is a bit of a marvel to behold, bouncing about from one thread to the next.

It's "gripping", "astounding", "daring" and "brilliant", so how can you resist? Plus it's HBO, so there's lots of swearing! A sure sign of a quality modern tv show.



  1. I love the Wire. I've only seen season one - it gets a lot better, hitting its stride in about episode three or four. I'm told seasons two through four actually *get better*.

  2. How does it compare to The Shield?