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Saturday, January 20, 2007


So, notwithstanding the 6-year refinancing loan I just took out (goodbye overdraft and credit cards), the time is coming where I have to make some decisions about what to do once I leave the UK. The loan is a necessary evil, and if I can repay it early I will, but our ideal plan at the moment is this:
End of 2007 - Visit NZ, Australia & Thailand.
2008 - Visit South Africa.
End of 2009 - Leave UK.

I have mixed feelings about leaving. There are a number of things I'm tired of in London, and a number of lifestyle things I miss from home. Equally, however, I still love the diversity of activity London has to offer, and I've for all intents and purposes settled here and grown all the roots that might entail.

But other things are in the mix now. I'm in a steady long-term relationship with someone who is well and truly tired of London (having been here 11 years this year). The idea of kids looms on the horizon, and neither of us want to raise them here. And to be honest, somewhere with a nicer climate and more space really appeals.

So where the hell are we gonna go?

Cape Town?
Not sure that I want to live there, but given it's Alex's home it does need consideration. And I should really give it a visit before ruling it out.


I'm not ready to go live there yet. But I am more open to the idea than I was even a year ago, so who knows where my mind will be in three years? There's certainly no place else in New Zealand I would rather live. But then I'm not sure if the weather would suit Alex.

Well, it's what we're currently talking about as a good compromise. A big city, but with a decent sense of character. At least that's what we're told. It's on the list for a visit during our trip.

I dunno, I'm still dithering a bit. The loan may mean that we just relocate in the UK for a few years first (perhaps Edinburgh, or Brighton, or maybe somewhere in Dorset or Cornwall). And then I still relish the idea of some time spent in Europe. Probably Spain, or maybe even Italy or South France.

Ahh, who knows. It's still a ways off anyhow, but it seems to be taking up an inordinate amount of my mental space at the moment.

Any suggestions?


  1. I think the Melbourne compromise could work really well. A great sized city - much smaller than London, but big enough to be interesting.

    It does get cold there in the Winter (which i know you like Andrew) but sans the gale force winds and sideways rain of welly. And it's lovely and hot in the summer. And near the beach.

    But you never know - Cape Town might be great! I think you fullas are on the right track to go visiting all these places before deciding.

  2. wooser8:22 am

    No no no...Wellington is the logical solution. Shhhh cakefox. There's no gale force winds and sideways rain here anymore. Global warming has eliminated all vestiges of bad weather :) In fact, last year was the best weather year on record since records began in Wellington!!!

  3. Well... the film industry is better in Wellington...and the crew at your disposal pretty much all live in Wellington...pretty much all in the same house, and..oh excuse me, Wooser could you pass the sunblock? and while you're up, get yourself a beer from the fridge.

  4. The only other NZ option, other than "always below 20C, windy Wgtn", is "humid, wet and you'll need a car Auckland". And besides those three things to put you off, it's also full of Aucklanders!

    The other issue of moving back to NZ is that pesky student loan. I, like you, have managed to avoid paying it living overseas. If return permanantly to NZ, you will no longer be able to avoid it, AND all the penalities you'd have incurred.

    Scared much?

    Therefore Melbourne sounds like an excellent compromise. Of course there's always Perth which has a huge Saffa population and may help Alex settle into a downunder life more easily.

  5. Well, her step-sister is in Perth, and it does have all that West-coast Australia scenery at it's doorstep.