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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Things I Did Yesterday 13/05/09

Ahh...was it really only yesterday that I:

- Got into work early to pick up the materials I needed for the graphic novel workshop I was participating in? Unfortunately, yes.

- Got a cab with Josh down to the venue in Southwark, taking my selection of 50 core books with me? Unfortunately, yes.

- Watched Paul Gravett give a great potted history of comics for the uninitiated? Fortunately, yes.

- Utterly butchered my own speech while getting an attack of nerves? Oh yes, yes indeed.

- Managed to claw back some positive results through talking with various librarians during the break and at the end? Thank fucking Christ, yes.

- Finished the day early thanks to my early start and a lack of lunch? You betcha.

- Met wifey for a pint, came home, had dinner, had a bath, watched a Pushing Daisies and hit the hay? Oh yezzzzzz...

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10:00 pm

    With great power comes great responsibility........and you wear it well.

    Meeting wifey is so comforting after a day like that and the perfect tonic to boot.