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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Things I Did Yesterday 10/05/09

Well, well, back here again! Yesterday I:

- Worked. Started early to get the bloody filing finished, then spent most of the day on the till getting Barney up to speed on the logging (which he picked up nice and quick).

- Finished early (in keeping with the early start) and came home. Just chilled out, really. I wasn't in a particularly chirpy mood, so I demurred on heading out to meet Alex for Ben's drinkies.

- Had a bath. Sweet.

- Read a bunch of comics. Very good week for me, actually. I really want to start doing some kind of little capsule reviews of what I'm reading. Had a thought on that. More later.

- Played some Crackdown on the 360. I really like this game. It's very straightforward: GTA with slightly less developed mechanics and a lot more action. You play a supercop who slowly develops your abilities while leaping and driving around a large, crime-ridden city, taking out gang bosses as you go. Fun in its simplicity, and a great "dip-in" game, something sorely lacking today.

- Watched Gomorrah, the Italian gangster film based on the exploits of Napoli mobsters the Camorra. Great film, deftly juggling five stories of those affected by the organisation. It's the kind of film that makes me wish I got off my ass and took greater advantage of my unlimited Cineworld card. I really regret not catching this on the big screen. Anyway, highly recommended.

- Continued reading How Not to Write a Novel, which was kindly donated to me by James B. It's a lot of fun, not to mention right on the nose for the most part. It's fun to see the development of their recurring example characters as they are bounced from one example of poor writing to the next.

- Went to sleep. The sleep of the just.

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