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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Script Frenzy Update Day 30 - The End

Oh, fiddlesticks.

Pages Written Today: 0
Total Pages Written: 32

Well, I screwed the pooch on that one. Why? I'm not sure really. I certainly never applied myself to the task with the discipline I had in approaching the novel month. Whereas in January I would always try and make up time for time lost and really focus myself on hitting my daily target (even if not always successful), here I was too ready to defer to later in the month. I told myself it was easier than the novel, that I could always catch up later. My early experience with it was very positive and I was quite jazzed by how fast I was working. But then I grew complacent. Everything became an excuse not to work. I would go out and oh, I couldn't work in the morning because I was tired or hungover. I couldn't catch up that evening, because we were going out or I was cooking or some other bullshit excuse.

Basically, I employed all the usual procrastination tricks I pull out to stop me writing. Strange, isn't it, that I was suddenly completely engrossed in a series of novels, including one fantasy novel that I had (unknowingly until I had started reading over the strangely familiar story) actually ditched a few years ago at the 100-page mark for being a bit rubbish and clich├ęd. This time around? Loved it. Couldn't get enough of it. I should say that the copy I had gotten rid of before was a very different-looking edition. Still a bit shocking though.

So, it all went a bit tits-up. To be honest, I think a big part of the problem was the lack of time I had in advance to prepare myself for the thing. The novel month had two months lead-in, during which I really got myself revved up for this intensive writing period. For this, I had two days grace before throwing myself into it. Which at the end of the day is just an excuse, I guess.

Anyway, onward and all that they say. From here I'll continue work on the script, which was something I intended to do anyway. I'll keep updating on my progress so I feel compelled to get something done.

I'll be back next year to try again. For all it sucks to have fucked it up, I do feel inclined to get the thing done. The buzz of finishing the novel is one I'd like to feel more of.

Next thing is the next novel writing month in November. I'll be there and I hope some of you will be to.

Speaking of which, I flicked back over the novel the other day for the first time since finishing it (I've yet to read it through). I'm happy to say that, while it is still undoubtedly rubbish, there's some good in there to be salvaged. Which is kind of exciting.

And that's that.


  1. errr congrats? maybe? kinda? eh i dunno :D

  2. Well, half of the point of these month-long-writing exercise things is to make you feel shit for not writing more, and clearly that's worked! And I'd much rather see a script you'd had due time to work on and be happy with first anyway. Get writing, you fool!