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Sunday, May 10, 2009

What Me, Twitter?

Okay, I've gone and succumbed to Twitter. Well, I say succumbed, but really it's more that I've signed up. We'll see just how much I buy into it. He says cynically.

My reasons are several-fold, in order to not look like some kind of shallow follower. Which of course I am. Just like YOU.

Firstly, I intend to get a new mobile this month, probably one of the new Android-powered HTC Magic phones. I'm concious of my increasing ignornace of the world of mobile devices and I'm not happy about it. So I'll get something with bells and whistles and see how I go. But I see Twitter as being a fun part of having a decent phone.

Secondly, I believe the world revolves around me, and you are all drop-dead, can't-wait, thrilled to hear what I'm doing.

Thirdly, I'm thinking that little micro-reviews of the 140-word sort might be about the only way I can actually comprehensively talk about comics I am reading. Because god forbid I should discipline myself to sit here for the inordinate amount of time it seems to take to write anything of substance. Plus, if you asked me to review something tomorrow, I probably won't remember it any more.It would seem that my mind is becoming increasingly disposable, like some kind of cerebral MacMuffin.

So anyway, I'm going to give it a whirl. grizzleddog is the name. Come find me!

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