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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Things I Did Yesterday 23/07/09

Quick as you like, yesterday I:

- Walked in and sat writing in Nero, wondering why the hell I wasn't going somewhere else that might allow me, y'know, cool down a bit.

- Worked, mainly dealing with the delivery. Unpack boxes. Check against invoices. Pull standing orders. Bag standing orders. Pull orders for people who get variants.

- Didn't get out of work until about 6.30. Headed home for fat club but wound up getting back too late. Had dinner instead then booked hotels for our trip to Belgium in a couple of weeks. Dithered about for a bit before collapsing onto the bed and reading comics.

- Went to sleep and dreamt my head was full of bees, the delicate workings of my brain a vast labyrinth of honeycomb that some indelicate motherfucker was scooping out by the fistful.


  1. Ever so pedestrian and then, bam! Attack of the killer honeycomb!

  2. btw, I love doing the audio verification...speaking in tongues makes the whole experience that much richer.