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Friday, July 24, 2009

Things I Did Yesterday 24/07/09

It's a night alone! Quick, to the DVD player! Meanwhile, yesterday I:

- Met Dana for coffee before work. Had a catch up and took a photo for the week-to-week pregnancy gallery.

- Was on a late start, so I had time to go and read for a bit before work.

- Worked. Started out in a remarkably good mood which vanished throughout the day. Just filed and worked the till, but it was a busy one and I was by myself most of the time. Just a bit exhausting! Also, at lunch time I discovered I had run out of money, so didn’t have any lunch. Well, I had a coffee and a couple of pieces of chocolate from out the back. I imagine that was the real downfall of my state of mind.

- Went home and chilled out. Wifey went out to meet her friend Jen, so I was home alone. Listened to some tracks on Spotify, including Digital Underground’s album Sex Packets and a Parliament Greatest Hits collection, all of which buoyed my mood considerably. That, and steak, mushrooms and chips for dinner.

- Intended to watch something, but typically browsed the internet too long and ran out of time. San Diego ComiCon is on, so there’s news galore to keep up with. Gave up after a while as it felt too much like work. Read my book for a bit then went to bed.


  1. i had a Gosh dream last night. we were continuing the Nice movie and I was dressed as a clown like Doug and spleeping in an odd dimly lit but cosy space so you would find me and be surprised.
    In the street was talking with Ossie about how many rug shops there were around that area. It was more like a backstreets wooden area from an unspecified country.

    your what i did is brilliant for me to see what might be going on. what is it`s purpose for you? It feels like a way to get to grips with time management anxieties - but ironically probably takes a lot of time to do. even so I guess it is serving a royal purpose.

    hey dudey pants I`ve fallen into doing a major solo show over here :-o
    in only a couple of weeks time :-o

  2. Wow, a big show? Are you becoming some kind of big name on the Japanese art scene? Because that would be extremely cool.

    The daily thing for me was a question of trying to figure out exactly what this blog was for. It was a bit too scattershot and mainly only read by my friends. So I figured I'd go back to the early purpose of these things and use it as a way my friends could see what I had been up to. I'm a bloody awful emailer, so it meant that if anyone really wanted to know what I was doing, it was all there.

    Additionally, when I sit down and write in the mornings they're a great exercise in blowing out cobwebs, or just getting the ball rolling. Quite often I will expand on things raised during the summary and so on. So they're a nice tool for me and while seeming a little egotistical, don't do any harm!

  3. One minor negative: they make me feel less inclined to do other things with the blog. I used to enjoy writing Gore Watch, for example, though it took an inordinate amount of time. But I don't particularly feel like devoting that time to it when I'm already updating every (ha ha) day.

  4. yah, I know what you mean about the robbing of a little of your energies.

    email is my worst culprit. So I suppose the instead of email thing is the best angle, proportionally you are taking less time for more people, like far away ones like me. Makes sense.

    I do like reading this one. Maybe if you feel it`s robbing too much time you could do occasional ones and focus on one thing in particular that`s been on your mind of recent. That might be good writing practice too.

    Yes I`m a massive bigshot here now. Emoticon.
    Actually someone might be putting together a little book of the show, sounds slick, so we could try and get some to Goshomon world.

    Also, is Goshomon so bad now that no-one lends you money if you have none and you have to go hungry? Oh how things have changed.
    Actually, how have things changed?