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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Things I Did Yesterday 26/07/09

One day off this week! But yesterday I:

- Wandered in to town and just sat in a cafe for a bit reading websites and the Sun (grr). No writing (BAD!)

- Worked. Was fortunate enough to have plenty of people in, so I didn't really need to work the till until the end of the day. Made some good progress catching up on library stuff, particularly one (unnecessarily but not by my design) complicated order that's a couple of weeks late. Happy with my progress.

- Came home and faffed. about. Alex was away in Bath on Friday night and din't get back until 10.30pm or so, so the evening was pretty much mine to fritter away. Watched Unforgiven while doing some domestic stuff. What a great film. Haven't seen it in a while. Remembered that I still haven't worked through the extras on the 10th anniversary disc. Funny, but it seems like it should be older than it really is. The idea that I only watched this 3 years before leaving NZ is a bit odd.

- Played some Rock Band 2. Futzed out on the first track, but managed to bring it back from there. Got myself a tour bus and hired some new management. Hot damn!

- That reminds me...any X-Box folks out there, my gamertag is Grizzled Dog.

- Went to bed and read for a bit.


  1. Anonymous12:00 pm

    I won't allow myself an X-Box. T'would be the end...


  2. Man my Rock Band is on hiatus or something between tours. I can't play the guitar for shit and drumming on your own isn't so fun. I won't touch the vocals either. Gotta get my band back...