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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things I Did Yesterday 30/07/09

I was about to write a comment on a blog about writing when there was a small popping sound in my head, like a tiny firework going off. So here I am! Yesterday I:

- Got up late. So late in fact that my usual 1-1.5 hour pre work time I have in town was down to around 30 minutes. Not how I like to start the day, but I guess I needed the sleep. Still feel like I need that sleep.

- Worked. The delivery arrived nice and early, so that was a relief. We got well ahead and it was a fairly stress-free affair.

- Came home to head to fat club but wifey was nowhere to be found! In her defence she was out with her mate Anton, getting tips for our Belgium trip this weekend.

- Faffed about for a while, had some dinner, then read some comics. So-so week on the whole. Twittered reviews as I went, which I'm kind of enjoying.

- Uh, went to sleep! Jesus, what a boring day. Unfortunately, in a special sneak preview, I can tell you that tomorrow's installment ain't going to get much better.


  1. Not as boring as mine will be :P

  2. SALMO! Just saw your comment, cheers very much! Little displays of affection like that make me want to post more art. And I will!

    Great to hear you're coming up - the show should be good and honed by then, but to be honest I'm feeling pretty great about it already - we've got an interview with a magazine lined up already, and we've not even done the first show yet!