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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 28/08/08

Curiously, one of my old Gore Watch posts has caused a sudden spike in my stats (such that they are). Oh well, yesterday I:

- Had the day off. Got out early and did some actual, honest to god work, which involved digging out all of my notes on Winter, assembling them into something like an order and indexing them. I then started going through them, noting what I liked, what I didn’t and where I think the story might go.

- Wandered around Borders wishing I could read faster. I love books. Love flicking through them, love browsing them, love buying them, love getting home and pulling them out of my bag. I have so many treasured memories of time spent reading and of books that completely swallowed me. Even now, in a time where I don’t keep fiction at all once it’s read, I still dream of having an expansive library somewhere in my house. One day, I guess. I have come around to the idea of owning property, something I used to have no interest in. Really what attracts me is the notion of having my own place that’s essentially a gigantic toy for me to play with. The chance to do what I want with the place. Well, nice theory, anyway.

- Came home and read a bunch of comics. I’m almost caught up on my outstanding reading now, with a few notable titles to go. Catching up on Brubaker’s Captain America made me realise how much better the book reads in chunks, though he is careful to set up a cliffhanger at the end of each issue. I also caught up on his Daredevil, which I’d lost a lot of enthusiasm for, and was happy to discover that latest storyline is great. A nice little mystery, wrapped up in healthy doses of conspiracy and legal procedural.

- Played a bit of TF2, which was okay, but I may well be coming to the end of my attention for it. The trouble with these kind of death match games is that nothing is being achieved, and sooner or later you realise it. At least with a good solo game you should have some kind of story to work through. Diablo 2 still sits unfinished, for example, and although it’s hardly War & Peace, at least I feel like I’m progressing to some ending. Let alone the supposedly wonderful Psychonauts, which is on loan from Tom and gathering dust on my desk.

- Watched a couple of Wire episodes. Similar to season one, there’s a mid-season quickening of pace that’s really starting to gather steam now.

- Finished off my Nigel Kneale biography, which was a real joy. I don’t read enough biographies, but then it could be argued that I don’t read enough of anything. Except comics.

- Had an Amarula & milk nightcap. Mmm....

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  1. Play Psychonauts, you waster.

    You want something to be achieved? Achieve that. Bah. Pff.