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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 26/08/08

Shake well before opening. Yesterday I:

- Worked. Caught up with Josh and did a bunch of bitty jobs, culminating in some kind of attempt to sort out our small press section. Not too difficult, but sloooow.

- Came home and had a stir fry for dinner.

- Watched some Wire, watched the final Venture Bros of the season.

- Jesus... was that really all I did? Man, I gotta get out and do something.


  1. don`t worry mate, you just got married and went on a massive holiday. Just have a rest mate. plus mate - hahah small press - good luck mate ;-p

    Nat told me about the brilliant idea to get rid of that database tony and me put together which worked really well (even if my successor probably made a mess of it pretty quickly after I left :-o

  2. hey actually though that 50/50 buying the books outright thing is a good idea if you are prudent enough. Yes it`s hard on the comic maker to cover costs but really none of those guys are making any money anyway and I think it`s okay for them to pay for the privilege in a way. only problem will be them putting the cover price us because of it. But of course you can then tell them it won`t sell at that price. It`l be their choice after that. Good luck.