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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Save Me

Not that I wish to pimp the services of Lloyds TSB (though they have been a very reasonable bank with me, and trust me when I say that is no small thing), but they've introduced a great little scheme.

Called "Save The Change", the idea is that whenever you use your debit card, the amount required to round the expenditure up to the nearest pound will be automatically transferred to a nominated Lloyds savings account. Great way of saving a little here and there if you're a heavy card user. And throughout March they will match the amount you save through the scheme.


Plus, I strongly approve of their move to adopt a firebreathing Unicorn/Pegasus-cross to replace their dull old "running horse" motif. Statistics prove that 9 out of 10 slightly weird and obsessive fantasy fans (and Jon Chandler) prefer a unicorn!


  1. wooser8:08 am

    why do obsessive, mostly male, geeks like the ol' unicorns so much Androo? What's up with those pointy horned animals?

  2. Search me, I've always hated 'em. And to be honest, in my experience obsessive unicorn fanciers tend to be women. Which is a lot easier to understand.

  3. hey! thats a great idea i really like it. Although I probably use my card hell of alot more than I think and would be wondering where all my money had gone.