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Monday, September 01, 2008

Things I did Yesterday 01/09/08

Hell, I been married a month! Anyway, quick as you like, yesterday I:

- Sat in a cafe writing in the morning, thinking about how nice it is in the winter when you’re inside, warm and dry, looking outside in the cold & wet. Then it started pissing down about 5 minutes before I had to head into work, and it didn’t seem like such a great idea any more.

- Worked. I was owed time from Thursday, so I worked through lunch and knocked off at 2.30, which was nice. The only thing I really did of note was convert this month’s order form into something our system can use.

- Got home and got to work uploading wedding photos.

- Read some comics: Wolverine First Class, which was good fun; Amazing Spider-Man, which was very pretty, but introduced one of the lamest concepts I’ve seen in a while; and something else that left such a strong impression on me that its awesomeness has wiped my brain of its existence. Jesus....what was it...

- Helped Alex start filling in thank you cards for our wedding gifts. Watch out for those!

- Watched Forgetting Sarah Marshal, which was nice enough but not as funny as I was expecting. I would pay to see that puppet Dracula musical.

- Hit the hay so I could get up early today to be at work for the delivery of our gifts from John Lewis! Pressies!

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