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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 02/09/08

Is it getting chilly, or is it just me? Anyway, Yesterday I:

- Got up early to get into work for 7am, as John Lewis were going to deliver our wedding gifts sometime between 7am-1pm. It was my day off, so I wasn’t thrilled, but I figured I’d get in, get a coffee, read my web pages and then once someone else arrived I’d go off and do some writing.

- Got myself a coffee, read my web pages and once the guys arrived at 9.30, I went off to do some writing. Actually, I didn’t get away until about 10.15, but that’s how it is, getting away from Gosh.

- Sat in Russell Square and wrote in a decidedly meandering fashion. I do enjoy sitting there, shitty coffee and awful service aside. It’s a comfort thing.

- At 12 I headed back to the store to find no gifts. I called John Lewis, but while I was on hold the stuff showed up. Result!

- Got a black cab (outfitted with a very friendly driver) back home with the stuff loaded in the back. Unfortunately I couldn’t open it until Alex got home.

- Watched the original Cape Fear, which is a great little film. I need to watch the Scorsese one again, I think, but Robert Mitchum is brilliant. His mix of charm and menace hasn’t dated in the slightest. Whatta bastard. Whatta guy.

- Started season three of The Wire, which for the first fifteen minutes felt like I had missed an episode. It highlights one of the things I love about the show: it doesn’t talk down in the slightest. It demands you keep up, and if you fall behind then you’re on your own.

- Played some Diablo 2, which was fun, but damned if I could remember what was going on since I last played it. I had a bunch of quests to complete but couldn’t remember where I needed to go and so on. So most of my time was spent reorienting myself.

- Tidied up my PC. I’m a bit of an app junkie. I love trying out new programs that perform functions that sound great on paper, but in practice I just never use. Well, usually, anyway. I have got some great little gems that are a default part of any install I do now. Trouble is, I never uninstall the duds straight away, so every now and then I have to go through and do a bit of housecleaning. Now one day I might sit down and properly reorganise my photos....

- Is anybody else sick of the stuff Apple is pulling at the moment? I upgraded iTunes the other day, and damned if they’re not trying to install Safari as well now! I don’t mind them suggesting it to me, but they’re default checking the option to install it. Bad Apple, bad! Let alone all the little tendrils they’ve got into my system now. They’re getting to be as bad as Real or AOL. Yes, yes Mac users, I know it’s all smooth and wonderful for you and I should just buy a Mac, but putting Apple into a competitive software environment is really showing them for the bastards they are.

- Had takeout from Miso to celebrate our first month of marriage. We’re classy folk, don’t ya know!

- Opened our pressies! Got some great stuff, but god only knows where it’s all going to go. We were already pushed for space. Still, mustn’t grumble!

- Went to bed with our new pillows, which are nothing short of heavenly. Seriously, these things are amazing. Hungarian goose down with a duck feather core. That’s living the life, that is!

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