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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What I Did The Day Before Yesterday 10/09/08

Holy hoopla! The day before yesterday I:

- Had the day off. My days are all over the bloody place at the moment. Monday/Sunday this week.

- Got out early with Alex and went to Angel to do my morning writing. I am enjoying this, especially the feeling come midday that I’ve done my productive bit for the day.

- Went to Sainsbury’s to get some stuff for dinner. Shopping in the day on a Monday is fun!

- Came home and got stuck in to sorting things out. Did a big purge of DVDs, books and papers. Cleared out my overflowing box of spare cables and did the same to my memento box. I do always hold onto a few things of sentimental value, but I like to reassess and clear out every now and then.

- Watched She, from the Hammer Collection box set Matt got me. Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Ursula Andress and Bernard Cribbens. How could it be anything but great? It’s based on the H Rider Haggard novel, and really captures that classic adventure feel. I also started watching The Reptile, but was cut short by Alex arriving home. It was, after all, Soap Night, where a back-to-back marathon of Home & Away, Hollyoaks, Coronation Street, Eastenders and then another Coronation Street is put on for the suds crowd. I made dinner, ate and then went to the bedroom. !boS !em pleH !lliw ym tsniaga ereh dleh gnieb m'I !enoemos esaelP

- Played some Diablo 2. Heh...vulture monsters explode real good.

- Watched some Wire. Still good.

- Skimmed through a book on hauntings in the British Isles by Richard Jones. I have been on a ghost walk taken by Richard Jones, and the flair for melodrama he showed there certainly follows through in his work. Entertaining, though.

- Hit the hay by 11, like all responsible young men should.


  1. the Reptile is really really good. don`t watch it frivolously. It`s one of the best ones.