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Friday, September 05, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 05/09/08

Holy moley, my day off is evaporating! Oh well, another tick on the clock. Anyway, there's nothing like looking back to put off the present, so yesterday I:

- Worked. Started early, got the filing done and finished early.

- Came home and faffed about. Read my web pages, chatted to the esteemed Dr Wu and watched Joe Biden. Bit of panto in there. "That's more of the same". Jesus.

-Ate dinner and watched Eastenders. Oh Stacey! What are you doing?

- Played some TF2. I feel the end of my current playing splurge is near. Which is no bad thing.

- Watched an episode of My Name is Earl. We've had the final two episodes sitting around for bloody ages.

- Read some more Baltimore bad news, then hit the sack.


  1. Bazzer7:14 pm

    I here ya wanna stop playin, but before you do...... give Portal a go, it's short and sweet, brilliant idea. Computer companion is a hoot, Think HAL from 2001 but female and a good sense of humour.

  2. wooser7:25 pm

    Thanks for the cameo...I feel honoured!