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Monday, September 08, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 08/09/08

The truth is out: I still love comics. Anyway, yesterday I:

- Had my pre-work coffee time in Russell Square, where I had one of my most favourite of experiences: sitting under the awnings of the cafe drinking their shitty coffee, looking out over the park while the rain hammers down only inches away from me. That feeling is something I will always take from London.

- Worked. Did the count for Nat, then sorted out ordering on the Southwark standing order for September. Got annoyed with the sheer level of mess in the mail order shelving unit, so cleared it all out and reorganised it. Turfed out a lot of no-longer relevant small press material, old catalogues and general mess. Not the most high-brow of jobs, but a damn satisfying one.

- Knocked off a little early and met Claudia & Morgan for a coffee, which was very nice. Hadn’t seen them since the wedding, and barely saw them there. So it was good to have a catch-up on their doings (which have been as globe-trotting as ever).

- Headed home to find that Alex had cooked a roast! Mmmm...

- Watched the first part of Charley Boorman’s By Any Means. Like Long Way Round and Long Way Down, only utilising more modes of transport and leaving behind Ewan MacGregor. It was okay, but to be honest, without MacGregor, Boorman just feels a little bit like a spoilt little rich kid. The whole sequence of him tooling about his old home and fooling about with dad (director John Boorman) was cringe inducing. However...I’ll watch the rest as I’m sure once they get on the road proper (which is to say, past Europe) things should get interesting.

- Played an hour’s worth of TF2 and rather enjoyed it. Mainly because I played on my favourite server, which tends to have great custom maps. Also, I did quite well, by my standards, which is always going to make the whole thing more fun.

- Watched the season finale of My Name Is Earl, which I just don’t enjoy that much anymore. It has its moments, but the format feels a little tired.

- Gave Baltimore a rest for the evening and tried out a new fantasy novel, Acacia. Not bad so far, and it has the distinction of being one of the few fantasy novels that doesn’t have a cover I would feel the need to hide on the bus. Quite derivative of the George RR Martin novels though.

- Had a bloody awful night’s sleep.


  1. I think you had a fairly nice day :)

  2. Y'know what? Looking back on it now, I had a very nice day indeed. :-)