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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 11/09/08

Stick a fork in me. Yesterday I:

- Foolishly took my heavy winter jacket to work, as the weather has been all a bit topsy turvy. Of course, every time I take my jacket its tend toward more topsy than turvy, and I just don't have a jacket suitable for topsy.

- Worked. Library stuff. Blog proofing stuff. Checking off stock stuff. Bagging stuff. Totally stuffed stuff.

- Came home and read some comics. Not a great week, and I never got around to reading most of the really good stuff (aka BPRD, Invincible, Goon & Criminal). I didn't grab the latest Love and Rockets, as they've gone to a book format and therefore it'll take me a while to get around to it. I've got a year until the next one though, so that ain't so bad. I also want to read the collected edition of Jonathan Lethem's Omega the Unknown series and the Edginton/Culbard Dorian Grey adaptation. Of the stuff I did read, I enjoyed Magneto: Testament #1 and the first issue of Marvel's adaptation of The Stand.

- Watched the second episode of FX skit show The Wrong Door, which was, again, pretty good fun. Like any sketch show it can be hit and miss, but it moves so quickly that it doesn't lose your interest. I also caught up on the latest Robot Chicken episodes, which hold to same principle really, though do reward a certain level of geeky knowledge.

- Watched the Wire to regain some sense of worthiness, because comedy is a bit base and classless, innit?

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