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Monday, April 07, 2008

Best eBay Listings in the History of eBay Listings

Oh, you gotta check these out...Haunted Dolls. Real listings, so check 'em out quick.

Rhiannon the Revenge Doll
Trudi the Haunted Spirit Baby
Extremely Haunted Adell

Speaking of which, my friends Polly & Rod have a doll in their kitchen that looks like this...


  1. I won`t ask about what you were looking for to find those dolls on ebay.

    and how can your friends cope with that horror in their house?

    reminds me of last year when my sisters and I went to see our grandmother and were collectively freaked out by a hideous automated french clown figurine - a reaction that I think may have offended said gran.

  2. Late birthday present for you...

    Polly and Rod's little cherub reminds me of the baby mask Michael Palin wears at the end of Brazil.

    Polly will probably be horribly offended, given that it's a cherished childhood relic!

  3. Barry8:07 pm

    Checked out the listings, what a whacky bunch of Gals you've managed to find.

    Shame that one of the practising witches couldn't SPELL witch, and if a witch can't SPELL then she's in the wrong racket.