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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday

Like a calm blue ocean, yesterday I:

- Got up later than I intended, but actually really needed it.
- Wandered with Alex up to Newington Green for brunch. Found a new Deli/Cafe hybrid place that was quite nice, and did very nice food indeed. I had eggs Benedict, Alex had mushrooms and garlic on a bed of spinach, all on farmhouse toast. Hers was better.
- Made our way down to Paddington, where we met Claudia (Mrs Parker), Wolfie (pampered pooch) and Polly (on loan from New Zealand). Went to a pub in the rejuvenated area behind Paddington where we chatted for a bit over some more food.
- Headed for Hyde Park. Wandered for a bit then sat down and enjoyed a bit of London park life.
- Went back to Claudia & Morgan’s for tea and biscuits.
- Popped to a great Malaysian place around the corner from C & M’s. Seriously, those two are the go-to guys if you’re looking for undiscovered restaurant gems. You would barely know this place exists for all the signage it has. It has the low-fi/high quality attributes of an ethnic restaurant frequented by people of that ethnicity. And cheap to boot.
- I continued on alone to the birthday celebrations of one Nathaniel Metcalfe, Esq., while Alex went home to minister to a friend. Nice time, but by about 10.30 I was completely knackered and - having to work today - called it a night.
- Zzzz (but quite poorly).

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