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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Here's Why...

...I love Charlie Brooker:

Bush hails from a family of oil barons, billionaires, CEOs, former presidents, Scrooge McDuck and Daddy Warbucks. He's slept in a gigantic rustling money nest every night since the day he was born. And he's got an uncle made of gold. But since he also looks like Alfred E Neuman and talks like he's ordering ribs, he's viewed as a straight-talkin', down-home regular Joe, albeit one with so much blood on his hands it's surely in danger of caking and congealing and turning his fists into heavy balls of scab, each one the size of a cabbage, good for thumping against desks and doors but not much else. Although even if that did happen, even if Bush called a press conference on the White House lawn and stood there demonically beating out a funeral march with his scabby orbs on a nightmarish drum fashioned from human bones and skin - even under those circumstances, you sense he'd somehow get away with it.

(From the latest Comment is Free column)
- posted from the train. THE TRAIN!


  1. wooser1:49 am

    why post from trains via computer when you can post pretty much anywhere from a blackberry :P

  2. Cos the buttons are too small. You have to grow all your nails into creepy claws and squint. The combination makes most people look like ugly birds-of-prey drumming on the corpse of a downed pidgeon. I saw that once in Soho square. It was about as gangster as wildlife gets.