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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 30/04/08

Like an ant with a snout full of aspartame, yesterday I:

- Got up at 5.15am to catch a train to Leeds at 6.35am. Hauling myself from bed felt like nothing so much as a man digging a well, levering out that last big rock.
- Train ride. Made some notes on work-related things I needed to look at in Leeds, did my morning writing, realised that National Express trains have free wireless! Thank goodness for the demise of GNER (who, we reckoned last night, used to charge something like £10/hour)! And although Lisa recommends the use of a Blackberry for on the go posting, I'm afraid the EeePC is like a cherished baby to a Blackberry's charming pet. All the comforts of home in something the size of a hardcover book.
- Thought about how pretty the English countryside is. It’s not grand or majestic, but it is very pleasant and calming.
- Leeds. Got some breakfast and had a little wander around the Victorian quarter in the centre of town. All very nice, but didn’t really blow me away.
- Visited OK Comics to chat with Jared about work stuff. They have a really nice store, making the most of limited space. Their displays flow well, and they highlight good stock.
- Visited Travelling Man, who really are a bit of a mess. Too much stock, too much indiscriminate ordering.
- Had lunch at a 300 year old pub. CBLT. Very nice.
- Train home. Wrote some notes on what I achieved for the day. Not as productive as would have been ideal, but still a worthwhile visit.
- On the bus ride from King’s Cross I realised that the hayfever season has well and truly started.
- Frantically tidied in preparation for our house guest.
- Andrea came to visit for the night on her way to Singapore. Was very nice to see her and catch up. She brought us cava, I fed her unimpressive pasta. Not necessarily a fair swap, but an agreeable one for us!
- Felt a bit bad, but I was totally flaking out by 9pm, so went to bed.

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  1. yeah, Travelling Man was a mess when I visited in 04 as well. Shame. Because their rarity backstock is pretty incredible.