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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 24/04/08

Fuck me sideways, yesterday I:

- Bagged a whole lot of comics. The worst part about bagging a large delivery of comics (we bag all of our standing orders) is seeing the same dull covers and back page ads over and over, comic after comic. Even the stuff you're looking forward to starts to have a "razorblades through my eyeball" kind of vibe. Perhaps I'm being melodramatic.
- Corresponded with some comic creator types. Still always gives me a little thrill.
- Read a shedload of comics, which I may comment on tomorrow.
- Watched another Pushing Daisies with Alex. Again, it's okay, but unless it pulls something really spectacular out of the hat by the end of the season I'll be wasting my time elsewhere.
- Lay awake in the early hours of the morning counting down the seconds that are left to me on this earth.
- Had porridge again for breakfast. Still good.


  1. I used to quite like bagging comics, one of those few A-Z jobs that is quite satisfying.

    Yeah it`s nice to meet comics people you like although it used to make me a bit sad in Gosh when we ripped the shit out of each other when someone we liked a lot came in the shop. Always felt a bit too obvious and mean. But then I always was a sensitive soul.

  2. I think "ripped the shit out of" might be a bit of an overstatement! But then I think your sense of chivalry hates to see anyone put on the back foot.

  3. haha chivalrous jon. yeah but at the same was quite funny to do and I`m not saying that I never used to do it. emoticon.

  4. Sheeeeit, bagging comics is great. It's like processing vinyl. The good stuff. Mechanical, concentrated and you can really get through a pile of the shits in an hour or so. I got pretty fast at bagging. Not Barry fast but still, fast.