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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Things I Did yesterday 29/04/08

Rather excitingly, I'm writing this from the free wifi-enabled train to Leeds on my EeePC. Right now I'm whipping past mist-shrouded early morning countryside. Actually, we've just gone from mist-shrouded countryside to mist-shrouded train. But yesterday I:

- Worked, including installing the latest version of Kaspersky to the work computers. It's amazing how cheap anti-virus solutions are now. When we bought a 6-pc license for the program a year ago it cost us (with a 30% discount) about £120. Yesterday a 5-pc license cost £42. However, thanks to a cumulative combination of following a re-up link that gave a 30% discount and a 30% discount coupon sent as an incentive to re-up, it wound up costing just over £20.
- Took the time I was owed from last week and went to Angel to work on my course book. There was a lovely old woman at the table behind me who kept offering me her spare ginger crunch biscuits. She wound up engaging the guy behind the counter in conversation for a about half an hour, which he seemed happy to do, so that was nice.
- Went home and proceeded to do none of the things I intended. Cooked a tuna pasta bake for dinner.
- Watched a bunch of trailers, including one for Blindness, a new film by Fernando Meirelles, who I'm always excited to see new work from. Constant Gardener and City of Men are both films which have sat in my mind long after seeing them.
- Was shocked to see the goings on in Eastenders! How is Shaun going to talk himself out of this one? Err...I mean, grudgingly watched Eastenders over dinner.
- Watched more Peep Show. Funny. Horrible, but funny.
- Emailed a Croatian villa place about available options for our honeymoon.
- Went to bed early in preparation for a 5am start.


  1. you missed the most important detail. Did you take the biscuits? Because once you take a biscuit from a stranger your time is in their hands.

  2. I never take biscuits from strangers. Especially kindly old ladies. Next thing you know I'll be getting shoved into her gingerbread overn....