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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 26/04/08

Like long Summer days, I:

- Did a bunch of blogging stuff.
- Scanned a stack of old photos I grabbed when I was visiting Mum. Some more photos of me when I was young and a whole lot of vintage shots of Mum when she was a kid and so on.
- Picked out photos for the next travel blog entry.
- Did the dishes.
- Went to a local cafe to grab some breakfast. My usual place was closed, so I went to another which wasn't nearly as good. How hard can poached eggs be?
- Had dinner at a Ponti's downtown. Classy! For those who don't know, Ponti's are an Italian chain restaurant that are just a little chintzy. But it was very nice, thank you.
- Went to Phoenix, a pub on Cavendish Square, for Ali's birthday drinks. It was all very pleasant, and the pub was a lot less of a wank-fest than it looked from the outside, especially once all the after-work crowd had emptied.
- Watched the first episode of Peep Show. Wondered why I had never watched this before. Watched 3 more.
- Ordered a new hard drive for Caleb and Nathaniel. 500gb for £50! Unbelievable.
- While cleaning I watched the Milius/Schwarzenegger (my spell-checker recognises "Schwarzenegger"! Fantastic!) commentary on Conan the Barbarian. If you've never heard it, I can't recommend it enough. Absolutely hilarious, as Arnie completely misses the point of a commentary. For example, Milius refers to something and Arnie blurts "Yeah, I know that!", or indeed the classic "I'm gedding on the horse!" Watch it.
- Set up internet account management for BT.
- Spent too much time on the internet.


  1. I watched Peep Show when it was first broadcast and was hooked. It is really rather good. I was astonished it didn't get better known than it was.

  2. Barry9:54 pm

    Things you did yesterday were too much (As Usual), and I know you think your spending too much time on-line but...... LOG IN to STEAM and click through the Steam updates till you come to the TRACK MANIA ***FREE*** game and down load it. HUGE FUN and it's FREE.

  3. haha evil Barry trying to seduce you with the darker side of the internet!
    and I like the way you included `did the dishes` like a special occasion. I once saw a friends list for the next day and the first thing on the list was `get up.`
    As for Arnie, weren`t we all a little sad to see him disappear from movies. I had a new idea for him lately where he has to actually go to Hell and take on the Devil to rescue his family who are wrongly imprisoned there.
    devil: "go to hell"
    Arnie: "too late, we`re already there." then fires rocket launcher.
    and when he leaves
    devil: "You`ll be back"
    Arnie: "No I won`t" then detonates nuclear device etc.