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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 19/04/08

For all those who can't survive their day without knowing what I've been up to.

Yesterday, in no particular order, I:

- Went to Woolworths and bought some washers in an attempt to fix our bathroom hot tap. Sort of succeeded.
- Bought two sci-fi films from Woolworths beginning with the letter S. Serenity (£3) and Sunshine (£7).
- Watched Sunshine. Enjoyed it more second time around, given I knew the silly devolution of story was to come.
- Replaced the motherboard on a friend's computer. However, the OEM software doesn't like the new motherboard, so I need to back up the docs and so on from the hard drive and reinstall Windows. But it's a SATA drive and my PC, once a shining jewel of modernity, doesn't have onboard SATA. Bugger. So I'm gonna get an external casing with a SATA connector and go from there. Sorry Nat, more delays!
- Gave up on Steven Erickson's Gardens of the Moon, as it just wasn't grabbing me. My hunt for an entertaining fantasy epic that's not shit continues...
- Went to Tinderbox and wrote for a bit. Wandered around Game looking at games I don't have the time or specs to play.
- Did laundry.
- Watched Terminator Sarah Conner Chronicles, which I think I'm not going to continue.
- Listened to the new Crowded House album, which was a bit naff.
- Changed the bed linen.
- Read some comics.
- Watched Lost Hearts, which was grand.


  1. good lord Andrew, you can`t be accused of not trying to stuff in as much as possible.
    One of my flatmates bought an X-Box the dick. Keep Jon away from videogames - he gets properly addicted. I just got hung up on Oblivion, Elder Scrolls IV. It`s actually very very good. I like games that let you be what you want to be and go where you want to (and that`s one of the reasons Grand Theft Auto is shit, that and the dull cartoony gangster theme). I always end up being a good guy in games, maybe to make up for the sins of real life. Wheras my fairly innocent in real life flatmate is a complete evil bastard when he plays it. His character is now so evil he can`t even go out in daylight.
    Well, I`m moving in the next week so thankfully that`s the end of that then. I finished the main quest today and felt free and weird about it all.
    I`ll flickr about my new gaff soon enough. see ya later mate.

  2. Barry6:41 pm

    Hello Andy

    Welcome to MY world.

    Just re-installed XP for the @**@ time and pretty cheesed off, after re-install primary partition E is unreadable until I install service pack 2, then my graphic cards go on a go-slow again.

    Seriously thinking of chucking the whole lot and starting from scratch, all I want is a PC that WORKS and lets me do what I want when I want.

    PS Where did you get the skins on your little laptop, I'd like to have a go but all the sites I visit want money, not going that way I'm afraid.

    And Jon's right, I'm knackered just reading what you manage to cram into one day.