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Monday, January 12, 2009

JaNoWriMo Update Day 12

Words Written Today: 1851
Total Words Written: 16304

Man, I'm feelin' the burn.

I've hit a point where the writing each day seems pretty daunting. The initial thrill of progress has died down somewhat and I'm too far from the end to feel it as any kind of inevitability. What's more, I'm about one third of the way through and I've no idea how it will end yet. Worse, I'm about one third of the way through and I still feel like I'm in the early stages. I guess by the standards of normal novel length I would be. The result of this will be a novella really. I think next time I do this (and I definitely will do it again in November) I'll bring the scale of it right back. A world-spanning fantasy of rebirthed gods and apocalyptic scenarios was maybe a little ambitious in scope. Still, it should be fun trying to wrap it up!

Today's writing was started before work and then finished at the Starbucks near Angel on my way home. I feel pretty good about actually making myself stop there to do it, as my natural instinct on winter evenings is to get home, eat and veg. I suspect if I'd gotten a bus home I wouldn't have done it, but walking makes it that much easier to stop in.

19 days to go. The halfway mark approaches! Daily target is now: 1773.4736842105263157894736842105

Up and attem, Atom Ant!

1 comment:

  1. This is indeed the hard bit. You must persevere! It gets easier again not much further on!

    Keeeeep goiiiiiiiiiing!