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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

JaNoWriMo Update Day 27

Words Written Today: 3380
Total Words Written: 39137

Man down, man down!

Okay, so I missed a few days there. The weekend kinda took me by surprise, by which I mean "I did sweet FA". Made a paltry effort on Saturday, got pissed Saturday night, hung over Sunday morning, shattered Sunday night.

Needless to say, the daily word count required has taken a bit of a hike. A hike I'm pleased to say I've managed to overcome the last couple of days. Still, the old morning and lunchtime effort no longer quite does the trick. I'm now having to stop in to Starbucks on my way home for an hour or two each night and I'm a bit worried about how effective I'm going to be on Thursday. I've got Friday off if I need to make a last sprint, but Saturday I now have to work. So Friday should be it! Going to a party on Saturday night, so I plan to get bladdered. I mean...celebrate.

Storywise, what's to tell? I'm still not quite sure exactly how it's going to end, but I'm well on my way there. We're barrelling along to the finish now, fighting crocodile/bear hybrids in city sewers and so on. Funfunfun!

Daily count required now : 2715.75

1 comment:

  1. still no parcel at Gosh? doesn`t look like it`s coming to me.
    It had something special in there just for you.

    ending suggestion.
    Main character wakes up in bed startled and sweating, "Oh thank God, it was all a dream."